Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Family & Poem

This is my family. It shows my dad in the very back. Then, from left to right, there's my mother, my sister, Becky (Rebecca) me, and my sister, Rachel, and then there's my sister, Sara in the front. To the side is my brother, Clarence who, in order for us to have a current picture with our whole family, I managed to add in. He wasn't there since he died 5 years ago on November 7th because of a fire in our house. My mother has recently joined him in death, she died about 2 months ago on September 18th because of cancer. I'm currently working on books on the life histories of my brother and my mother. Clarence's will be entitled "The Best Brother in the World", which was a statement Rachel used to describe him, and my mother's books will be called "A Hero in Disguise", which Rachel came up with as the perfect title for hers. I'm currently trying to collect as many memories of them as I can, but no one has given me anything yet.

I wrote a poem on Sunday, and Monday night, Rachel helped me to edit a few awkward lines. This is the poem I wrote:

All These I Miss and More

The greeting of a son
Not seen in five years time
An embrace of love
Together once again.
My mother and my brother,
I miss more than I can say
Together they now dwell
They seem so far away.
As a daughter and a sister
I will see them again.

Now, the house seems empty
Her presence is no longer there.
Now, who will I talk to?
To whom will I tell all?
My mother is gone,
She's nowhere to be seen
Her spot on the couch is empty
Her vital companionship is gone.

The sound of her voice
Telling me to get up each day;
The smile on her face
When I would do something right;
Talking to her anytime of day,
Telling her all that happened:
All these I miss and more
Since she went away.

For five long years,
His presence has not been here.
His strange behavior is nowhere in sight.
His weirdness is absent from our house,
Except for his voice singing his song,
The song he wrote about being weird
Tah, and the home videos and pictures
Remind us of who he was.

The sight of his strange concoctions;
The sound of his simple laugh;
The smile everyone seemed to love
And always needed to smile back;
His simple silence when around others;
His sense of humor when around us:
All these I miss and more
Since he went away.

The mother is gone,
The brother is nowhere in sight.
They seem to be so far away.
We miss them every day.
They now dwell together,
Mom left to join him there.
We'll see them agan one day
A family forever we will be.