Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Back in Bismarck

Once back in Bismarck, I started looking for a job and after a couple weeks I started going to Institute again. I also started going to the Young Single Adult Family Home Evening every Sunday.
I started making dinner every Friday and Saturday. I reorganized my mom's books in their current boxes, so they're more in order than before within the boxes.

Before the snow came, I had walked to the Fairview Cemetary 3 days in a row. While there, I did some of my scripture studying at her grave. I went from November 3 to 5. On November 3rd, I picked up my new glasses that my dad got for me the week before. I had started wearing glasses in the 3rd grade but stopped when I was in the 6th grade and hadn't worn any since. So, it was interesting to wear some again after so long.

Starting in the beginning of December, I began calling Rachel on Friday nights at around 5 pm to update her on how things are going, with me and my preparation for a mission.

I also drew a new picture during my time here. This is it: