Sunday, August 23, 2009

Promises and Leaving

On the 17th, Sara and I got somehow got on the topic of books and I mentioned the Chronicles of Narnia, Sara's only read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe which she said she didn't like how C S Lewis wrote it. I brought up my favorite of the series, The Horse and His Boy that she didn't know if she'd like it or not. So, Sara proposed a deal. She said that she'd read The Horse and His Boy if I read a book of her choosing. I added the guidelines that the book had to be fiction (she likes to read books on Chinese history) and not too much longer than The Horse and His Boy. Sara chose Pride and Prejudice. After hearing about our tell and overhearing me tell Sara that I always keep the promises I make regarding books, Rachel insisted upon me promising to read a book of hers, so after I finish Pride and Prejudice, I'm going to read The Brothers Karasmosov as promised. I started reading Pride and Prejudice the following day.

Rachel woke me up at 4:30 am on Wednesday the 19th, so Sara and I could clean the apartment while Rachel drove the car Sara would be driving once she gets her license with Sara's stuff in it to Brigham City. Then, that afternoon, Rachel, Sara, and I drove to Brigham City (Sara was LITERALLY buried in the back seat). There, we dropped Sara off and got a few things we had to store out of the car (Sara was too big to fit everything before.) Then, we were on our way back to Bismarck. We got home in the late morning on Thursday.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Trip to Utah

A few days ago on Thursday, August 13th, Rachel and I bought some snacks for a trip to Utah. There was a family reunion this weekend. We arrived in the Provo-Orem area around 2:30 am on Friday. After driving from Bismarck beginning at 11:30 am. We had a few place to go Friday morning, Rachel needed a carrier for Gizmo.

Then, around 10:55 am, I went for a walk, to the Orem Distribution Center where I wanted to see about replacing the August 2008 New Era and Ensign that Dad lost while I was in Utah last summer. They didn't have it but I got the other books I wanted added to my collection. I bought The Book of Mormon (missionary edition, in English and French; I already have it in Spanish); The Children's Songbook (in English and Spanish, I already have it in French; I also have the Hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in English, French, and Spanish), and The Children's Songbook cds (in Spanish; I already them in English, French, and Japanese). Then, I went next door to Deseret Book and wrote down prices of possible things to get and I walked across the street to Seagull Book. There, I ended up buying the DVDs: American Mormon, American Mormon in Europe, Beauty and the Beast: A Latter Day Tale, Return with Honor, Pride and Prejudice (LDS version), Mormon Myth-ellaneous, and One Man's Treasure there. I also bought the CDs: Musical Journey Through the Book of Mormon (children's songs), Every Breath (Jenny Phillips), Whispered Visions (Chris Heimerdinger), Light Keepers (Jenny Phillips), and Safety of His Arms (Lauri Carrigan). I also bought A Banner Is Unfurled #3, Samuel #3, a C S Lewis Journal, and 3 note pads that can go on the fridge for our shopping list. After that I went back to Deseret Book because there were a couple of CDs there that I really wanted that Seagull Book didn't have. There, I bought the DVD Rigoletto and the CDs: LDS Scripture Rock:Book of Mormon (CD/DVD combo) and LDS Scripture Rock: New Testament (CD/DVD combo). I already had the CDs for the Old Testament and the Doctrine and Covenants.

Later, we went up to where the family reunion would be. And we stayed until Saturday evening when we drove back to Orem.


On June 22nd, it was my golden birthday. For my birthday, Dad gave me the DVD, Errand of Angels and the books, Abinadi by H B Moore and The Book of Mormon Sleuth #5 (which will be added to Mom's collection of books since she had the first 4 in the series). Rachel gave me a game I've wanted for over a year called, Harry Potter CLUE, it has Harry Potter characters with Harry Potter villains, and these Dark Cards, that you have to draw when the Dark Mark shows up, along with Help Cards that help to protect you from the Dark Cards. You also have House Points, that can be lost because of the Dark Cards and if you lose them all, you're out of the game. So, if everyone gets out, then the missing student is lost forever to darkness.

Rachel started working as an overnight stocker at Walmart with me shortly after my birthday.

At the end of July, Rachel and I found a place where Gizmo could stay with us. We had to find such a place because my dad decided that if Gizmo stayed at the house then he'd become part of the "family" and would have to learn to get along with the other animals. Also, to keep her dog from peeing in my room, Gizmo would be locked OUT of it. Dad said it's cruelty to keep Gizmo locked in that room, but I KNOW that Gizmo would prefer to be locked IN to being locked OUT with their CRAZY animals any day. Also, Dad said, "That way we'd only need one litter box," which I have no doubt, Gizmo would not have used, for the simple fact that she doesn't use the clumping kind of litter, compared to Gizmo's litter box, the litter box for her cat is filthy and disgusting, and also, when Gizmo's litter box isn't cleaned after several days he refuses to use it and he'll pee on a bed instead. So, that wouldn't have worked out anyway. So, Rachel and I found the place, it's a mobile home and we've started moving into it.