Sunday, May 17, 2009

A JOB finally

Shortly after Rachel arrived in Bismarck after she went shopping with one of her best friends, Erin Stillday, at Walmart, she sent me a text message on probabvly April 30th that they were hiring at the South Walmart and that I should apply there, so a couple days later I went onto Walmart's website and applied for several positions.

About a week later, a Saturday, May 9th, I got a phone call from someone at the South Walmart to set up a job interview for Overnight Stocker. The first interview was set up for Monday at 1 pm. Then on Monday, after my first interview, he asked me if I had anything to do that day to which I responded that I didn't and he set up a second interview for 10 minutes later. Then, after that interview, I got a conditional job offer, that if I passed the drug screening and background check, I'd have the job. Then, Dad gave me a ride to my drug screening scheduled for 3 pm.

The next day, Tuesday, I got a call at around 11 am saying I passed the drug screening and background check and that the job was mine if I was still interested and then we set up orientation for the following day, Wednesday, at 8 am.

On Wednesday, I went to the South Walmart at 8 am for Orientation, one other lady ahd Orientation with me. We finished with orientation at around 12:45 pm. I also got my schedule for the next couple weeks. I work from 10 pm until 6:30 am Thursday through Monday nights (even though when I first got the call I was told that I would have Monday and Tuesday nights off.


Dad, his wife, and I drove down to Utah for Rachel's BYU Graduation. We left on April 21st. We got to Salt Lake on the afternoon of the 22nd. We stayed at Grandma Atwood's house that night then drove down to Provo around noon, so, we'd be able to get seats and parking. They weren't planning on going to the one Friday morning because they didn't want to get up early enough so I brought all my stuff with me when we drove to Provo, and I stayed in Sara and Rachel's apartment until Sunday afternoon when they came to pick me up so we could head back to North Dakota. This plan I was quite happy about, so I could spend more thime with Rachel and Sara. The BYU main commencement was the one we went to on Thursday (Dad and his wife didn't go to the one the following morning because they didn't want to get up early enough to drive back down there). The one on Friday morning was the important one where Rachel was to recieve her diploma.

After arriving home from Utah, it was a couple of days and then Rachel arrived to go through her stuff to decide what she wanted to keep. She started with all her papers, decide what she wants to keep, what she doesn't want, and what she wants to scan then get rid of. Then, she managed to set up a scanner to the computer I can get on to, so we could start scanning all her paper she wants scanned which we're still scanning.