Friday, October 31, 2008

My summer in Utah

Sara's high school graduation was on May 25th and my last day at Arby's had been that Tuesday before. Rachel and I left for Utah the following day. We got to West Jordan around 2:30 am and I stayed in West Jordan for a week and in that time I had to deal with conversations where I had to monitor what I said so no one would get offended. On June 4th, Rachel drove from Provo and got me and took me with her. Rachel and I decided to have dinner together every day as well as breakfast (although we didn't have breakfast together every day after I got my own apartment though we still did on occasion). I got a job at The Malt Shoppe by the end of the week, and started work on Monday night. After I got a job, Rachel managed to find me an apartment and I moved in that Thursday. The ward I moved into unfortunately met later than Rachel's church did, Rachel's started around 9:30 am and mine started around 1 pm (after Rachel's had gotten over). The next Sunday, I went to Rachel's church so that we could spend more time doing something on my birthday. The next day, Becky and Sara (and our cousin) came to see me for my birthday, they each gave me a CD, both of which I traded in at Deseret Book, since one of them I already had and the other I preferred something else to.

Rachel, Sara, and I drove to California for the McGee Family Reunion for the 4th of July weekend. We left Utah on Thursday, July 3rd and got to Uncle Larry's house around 3 am. While we were heading there, we got a flat tire (well, actually the tire burst) and some guy on a rural road changed the tire for us. We also got lost in San Francisco when Rachel accidentally took an exit when we wanted to stay on the road. We ended up stuck on a street that it was literally impossible to turn left off of. Then, once we managed to get to Pacifica (the town where our uncle lives) it was pretty impossible to read the street signs, because it was so dark out, in addition there was really bad fog, plus some signs were hidden, but we managed to get there in the end. We got a couple hours sleep before people started leaving the house to see the tide pools, and we decided to go with them. We left for Utah that Sunday afternoon. Our cousin, Brittany came with us so we'd have two people who could drive. Though the only trouble we had going back was that we had to use ducktape to keep Rachel's trunk closed.

On Tuesday morning, Rachel and I drove to West Jordan, because we were going to Lagoon because Becky's work had dicounted tickets for that day. We went on all kinds of rides. I had been to Lagoon once before when Mom, Sara, and I had come with Becky and the rest a couple years before, but Rachel had been on her mission at the time.

Then, on Thursday, Rachel and I were taking her desktop computer to my apartment to set up, when Rachel caring a big box stepped down from a curb and injured her foot. We took the computer to my apartment, where I had to set it up under Rachel's direction. Then, we found a place that her insurance would be accepted at and she had to drive herself to the hospital, where I ran in ahead of her to get a wheelchair so she could get in easier. From there, we went to the Emergency Room where she got checked and they told us that it was sprained wrapped it and gave her crutches and gave her a prescription for the pain and then we went to Walgreens to fill the prescription. After we got home that night, and were eating dinner (cereal because it was so late), they called her and wanted her to come back in, this time she got her roommate to drive her while I walked back to my apartment. They had discovered that Rachel had an avulsion fracture which one of my roommates had told Rachel that it looked like it could be.

For the next week or so, I became Rachel's pack horse, carrying her stuff for her. I had to wake up extra early to go over to her apartment to carry her stuff to BYU campus.

On Monday, August 18th, Rachel had to be out of her apartment and she didn't have another apartment so she was homeless. Then, on Wednesday, I had to be out of my apartment as well. So, we ended up staying at our cousin's (Adam and Betsy McGee) home for several days, until Rachel and Sara (whom needed to move out of Aunt Linda's house where she had been living) were able to find an apartment that they could have Gizmo, Rachel's cat at. They found a place on the 26th and were able to move in that very day.

On Monday, August 25th, when Sara, Rachel, and I went to look at an apartment that Sara had found in Ogden, we had a little car trouble, Rachel's car wouldn't stay running. So, we ended up taking it to some local place but after sitting around for hours they still couldn't do anything, so we got a ride from Brittany and Aunt Carla picked us up from Ogden and took us to Salt Lake where we met up with Betsy and she drove us back to Provo. Aunt Carla also told us that they knew someone that could possibly do something about Rachel's car.

I took the bus back to Bismarck on Tuesday morning at 6:05 am. It started with me leaving Provo at 6:05 am and from there I had an hour layover in Salt Lake before taking the bus all the way to Butte, Montana and there I had a 7 to 8 hour layover. I left Butte at around 1:30 am and went to Billings where I had an hour layover, before I got on the bus that would take me the rest of the way to Bismarck. Upon arriving in Bismarck, I discovered that they had lost one of my suitcases when I switched buses in Billings. So, when I went to sleep my first night back, a had to use a blanket other than my own, and I only had one pair of clean pants that wasn't stained (which was only because I had left said pair of pants in Bismarck to begin with because I really don't like wearing them all that much because whenever I go out in those pants when the ground is even wet, I always arrive home with the bottoms of the legs soaking wet). I got a call the next morning around 11:30 am telling me that my suitcase was at the bus depot and that I could pick it up anytime before 5 pm that day. So, my dad took me to get it during his lunch break that day. So, at least it only stayed lost for less than 24 hours.