Sunday, August 23, 2009

Promises and Leaving

On the 17th, Sara and I got somehow got on the topic of books and I mentioned the Chronicles of Narnia, Sara's only read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe which she said she didn't like how C S Lewis wrote it. I brought up my favorite of the series, The Horse and His Boy that she didn't know if she'd like it or not. So, Sara proposed a deal. She said that she'd read The Horse and His Boy if I read a book of her choosing. I added the guidelines that the book had to be fiction (she likes to read books on Chinese history) and not too much longer than The Horse and His Boy. Sara chose Pride and Prejudice. After hearing about our tell and overhearing me tell Sara that I always keep the promises I make regarding books, Rachel insisted upon me promising to read a book of hers, so after I finish Pride and Prejudice, I'm going to read The Brothers Karasmosov as promised. I started reading Pride and Prejudice the following day.

Rachel woke me up at 4:30 am on Wednesday the 19th, so Sara and I could clean the apartment while Rachel drove the car Sara would be driving once she gets her license with Sara's stuff in it to Brigham City. Then, that afternoon, Rachel, Sara, and I drove to Brigham City (Sara was LITERALLY buried in the back seat). There, we dropped Sara off and got a few things we had to store out of the car (Sara was too big to fit everything before.) Then, we were on our way back to Bismarck. We got home in the late morning on Thursday.

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