Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

For the last several years I've worn the same Halloween costume every year. Basically, I found a costume that I liked and stuck with it. Every aspect of this costume was bought by my mom, which tells you how long I've had it. RED WITCH

The cloak I'm wearing is one Mom bought to have a Halloween costume for the Ward Halloween Party. It was the extent of her dressing up for Halloween. In fact, she once told me that she hated dressing up for Halloween so much, that she chose her wedding date so she'd be one her honeymoon over Halloween and wouldn't have to dress up at work. The cat in the picture is my familiar.

Several months ago, I started working at Saver's (which is a Thrift Store). They set up for Halloween clear back in the end of July. They asked us to dress up for a Sale Day we had for Labor Day. They had a theme: it was cartoons. So, I wracked my brain for a possible cartoon I could dress up as. I finally settled on VELMA DINKLEY.

I found the sweater at Saver's, and the skirt and shoes at Deseret Industries. The socks I had to dye myself because you can't find orange socks anywhere. I dyed them in my kitchen sink. I think they turned out well.

As for my Halloween costume, I've decided to wear this year, I've put together based around my mom's red cloak. The year she bought it she said that she was Red Riding Hood and so in memory of my Mom, I've decided to be Red Riding Hood, but with the full costume.

I modeled the costume after picture of Red Riding Hood costumes I found on the internet. I had the skirt and the cloak. I bought the white blouse, basket, and red cloth at Saver's. I found a blueprint online for making a corset type vest out of a real vest and found the vest at Tag's (another Thrift Store). Also, I found a Red Riding Hood story online as I was looking for details to use for my costume.

It reads "... the neighbors round about all called her "Little Red Riding-Hood," because of a scarlet riding-hood and cloak ... She was a happy, merry little child, with a smile and a gentle word for everybody, and so you may easily believe that everybody loved her, and was glad to catch a glimpse of her golden curls and her scarlet cloak ... Grannie isn't quite well ... take her this little pot of sweet fresh butter, and these two new-laid eggs, and these nice tasty little pasties..." {}.

So I decided to put bread and butter in my basket and curly hair for my costume.

I wore the costume to my Ward Halloween Party and one the award for Most Original Costume because I had real bread in my basket.


Larry said...

Just noticed you had a new posting. The pictures in the Red Riding Hood costume made me look twice. I thought that was a picture of Karen and I'm still not sure. Is one picture of her and the other of you?


ekatwood said...

They're both of me